I use thunderbird as my primary RSS feed reader. Lately thunderbird has been very slow to load and very sluggish. I want to try out liferea. Is there any way to export my subscriptions to liferea (OPML or otherwise)?


In Thunderbird click Manage Subscriptions in the Blog & News Feed account main page, select Export, choose a folder and click Save.

In Liferea, click Subscriptions >> Import Feed List, select the opml file exported by Thunderbird, click Import.

alt text

Personally, I don't like Thunderbird or Liferea for feeds, because I like to read them inside the browser. I'm currently using Opera, but I have posted a few suggestions for standalone and other types of readers at https://askubuntu.com/questions/9757/

You could also optimize your Thunderbird. Compact your mail folders from File >> Compact Folders. This should improve performance.

I don't use it and never tried to optimize it, like I do with Firefox. But since it is a Mozilla XUL application that uses sqlite, you could also try to optimize the databases with the following script. You will need sqlite3 command-line interface:

sqlite3 Install sqlite3


killall thunderbird
echo "Please wait while the databases are optimized..."
find $HOME/.thunderbird/ \( -name "*.sqlite" \) -exec sqlite3 {} "vacuum" \;
echo "Thunderbird databases optimized with success! You can close this terminal."

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