My music collection is stored in flac format on a network-attached Ubuntu Server 12.04 box. I used to be able to play my music by streaming it over the network to my laptop which runs Ubuntu 12.04 and Rhythmbox. When I attempt to do so now, my system monitor shows that there is an average of 900kB of traffic on the network, the play indicator in Rhythmbox moves, but I don't get any sound. The files play just fine with Movie Player and, when I play them with Movie Player, there is only about 250kB of traffic on the network.


I had this problem too (Ubuntu 12.10 though)

I solved it by making my network box a "proper" mount by editing /etc/fstab instead of a .gvfs mount.

Just create a mountpoint (sudo mkdir /media/share) and add a similar line (sudo nano /etc/fstab) to your /etc/fstab (assuming the use of smb with no auth):

// /media/share cifs defaults 00

and then run sudo mount -a to mount it

(make sure you have sudo apt-get install cifs-utils installed if you're using smb/cifs)

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