I am a music student looking for software that can convert midi files to sheet music. Are there any programs for Ubuntu like the Windows programs Notation Musician or MidiNotate Player?


Try MuseScore. It's also in your package manager:

sudo apt install musescore

Or install it via snapcraft.io. Using terminal:

sudo snap install musescore

There is the package abcmidi that provides the application midi2abc, capable of converting midi files to abc file.

sudo apt install abcmidi
midi2abc prelude.mid > prelude.abc  # midi to abc notation format
yaps prelude.abc  # abc format to postscript
evince prelude.ps  # open with evince

abc files can be easily converted to something printable with yaps from the package of the same name.


Rosegarden is mainly a full blown MIDI sequencer but it also comes with a quite professional notation feature to convert MIDI data to scores:

Install via the software center

Depending on your needs in case you only need a small piece of MIDI to transform it to scores this may be overkill, but if you need to edit these files or start composing you may need one or the other of it's additional features.

  • excellent tool, easy to use and powerful features. however, the pdf export ("print preview") is very buggy for me, to the point of not being usable. – Blauhirn Apr 6 '17 at 2:34

TuxGuitar is similar to GuitarPro for Windows. You can import midis, edit sheet music, and export to ASCII, PDF, and others.

Install via the software center

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