I want to sync my Google Drive directory with local directory and after some research I concluded that rclone seems to fit my needs, but I still can't figure out some nuances.

As for now, I managed to create connection and mount directory by the following command:

rclone mount --daemon --vfs-cache-mode writes my_gdrive: /home/user/my_gdrive

Question: It works, but I found out it is really slow. I need to switch quickly between rather small text/image files (~1-1000 Kb each and whole drive won't grow bigger ~1-5 Gb). How can I make it faster?

My first assumption was to try --vfs-cache-mode full, but I don't really understand what values to use for --buffer-size and --vfs-read-ahead flags and is it right thing to do even?

Note: my /home/user/my_gdrive is on SSD drive

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I use a command like this

rclone sync --drive-chunk-size 512M  --transfers=45 --checkers=45 --progress /localdir534 /remotedir534


First unmount it, then use this instead:

rclone mount --daemon --vfs-cache-mode full my_gdrive: /home/user/my_gdrive --buffer-size 64M --transfers 16 --no-modtime --no-checksum --vfs-read-ahead 16M --vfs-fast-fingerprint

By the way, for small files, Dropbox works much better than Google Drive. Just replace "my_gdrive:" with your Dropbox remote.

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