When I open nautilus does not open the left bar where it says computer and down markers such as music, documents, videos, downloads. I reinstalled nautilus from the synaptic package manager but nothing happened. What I can do to make that bar visible again?


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Just press F9 when you open nautilus.

Another way to do this is

Click on 'view' then check the 'side pane' option.


You can activate or deactivate the sidebar simply by pressing F9. You can also go up to the global menu, then select ViewSidebarShow sidebar.


Just press F9 or if you like it the 'mouse' way, jut select 'Side Pane' from the 'View' menu.


Open Files and then in the left side of the top bar select Files which will present a dropdown menu from which you can select Sidebar.

enter image description here An alternative (reminder courtesy of @PRATAP) is to press F9 on opening Nautilus,


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