In my work Environment we have Windows Clients / Virtual Machines which we connect to via Citrix Workplace.

After some updates on my Ubuntu 20.04 Host - Skype For Business Calls in Citrix get disconnected due to network issues.

In var/log/kern I see this lines - every 20 minutes:

Jan 31 10:55:43 myPcName kernel: [16411.401908] RTMediaEngineSR[14447]: segfault at 10 ip 00007fa8044ae33a sp 00007fa8012f0710 error 4 in libc-2.31.so[7fa8043d3000+1e7000]

At the same time where the SkypeForBusiness Call get disconnected due to network issues.

PS this seems the same issues as in the Linux Mint Forum

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On the Citrix Download for HDX_RealTime_Media_Engine_2.9.400_for_Linux_x64
Install the current HDX_RealTime_Media_Engine_2.9.400_for_Linux_x64.zip

The issues was was supposed to be fixed in version 2.9.200 (as mentioned by Daniel Venema on the Citrix Discussions

Be aware that a Goolge search may point you to latest Current Release version which (in my case did hold the out-dated version 2.9.0) that does not include the fix

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