Right click on many kinds of files such as tar.bz2, ogg-vorbis etc. and the context menu always shows Libreoffice calc. The software to handle these files is installed and appears in open with context menu.

Operating System: Ubuntu 20.04 KDE Plasma Version: 5.18.5 KDE Frameworks Version: 5.68.0 Qt Version: 5.12.8 Kernel Version: 5.13.0-28-generic OS Type: 64-bit

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    Which version of Kubuntu are you using? This is not supposed to be the default behavior. What all changes have you performed? Please edit the question. Jan 23, 2022 at 19:55
  • Doh! I actually installed KDE on top of Gnome which I have heard elsewhere is, um, not ideal...I should probably install Kubuntu from scratch and go from there. Thank you for your response. I guess I will update when I am finished with that.
    – X Naterion
    Feb 5, 2022 at 18:20

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I reinstalled Kubuntu from scratch on reformatted partitions and the weird problem is gone. Not that surprising really. Kubuntu installer crashed and system became unbootable when I tried to do it without formatting, which I read should work sometimes and preserve user data/some software. I ended up creating a separate /home partition so this kind stuff might be a little easier in the future.

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