Is there a way to swap the Left Alt key and Tab key on the keyboard?

Long story short I have a family member that lost their left-hand pinky and we want to remap the keys for them,

Their current keyboard layout is English (US),

Asus laptop Running Ubuntu 20.04 focal with the Cinnamon Desktop Environment 4.4.8

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You can edit xbd file: (/usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/pc).

In this case you will make these entries:

key <Alt> { [Tab] }
key <Tab> { [Alt] }

Clear xkb settings cache: rm -rf var/lib/xkb/*

Reboot, and your keys will be mapped.

Also there is another way Xmodmap in latest ubuntu but changes are lost after reboot. For Xmodmap, please refer this article

P.S. I haven't tested this in Ubuntu 20.04, however i have used this method in the past, so you can try this once.

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