Mac's Preview can be used to rearange pages in a PDF document by simply drag-and-dropping the pages around in the side panel. Is there any equivalent tool for Ubuntu? I have noticed, that the Document Viewer, which comes with Ubuntu, also has this nice side panel. However, it cannot be used to manipulate a PDF document. If there is no drag-and-drop solution, what is the easiest way to rearrange pages in a PDF document?

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You can use PDF-Shuffler.

You can install it via terminal:

sudo apt-get install pdfshuffler

As shown in the image, you only have to import the PDF file you want to manipulate and drag & drop the pages in the desired order. It also lets you to rotate the pages in orthogonal angles.

enter image description here

You can save it in the same file or export it as a different PDF file.


You can install PDF-Shuffler using the following command:

sudo apt-get install pdfshuffler
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    pdfshuffler is no longer available, you can use pdfarranger instead.
    – Raknos13
    Jan 7 at 8:34

The easiest way is to print the PDF to another PDF with a different page ordering. For example, if you want to reverse a 3 page PDF, you enter 3,2,1 under Pages.


enter image description here


On Ubuntu 19.10, there is PDF Arranger, which is able to do this.

Software Center screenshot of PDF Arranger


Re-printing as PDF worked for me when I needed to insert the last page at the middle:

enter image description here

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