my Kingston A400 SDD drive is showing an anomalous temperature of 92°C according to the disk utility. While my other SDD, which is a Hikvision C100, is showing 35°C which is reasonable.

Kingston A400 showing up a temperature of 92°C/198°F

Normal temp showing up on the Hikvision SSD

Any reason why this might be happening? I have Windows 11 installed on the Kingston SDD and Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS on the Hikvision. Thanks.

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    Based on the data sheet for your SSD, the unit would likely fail beyond 75ºC. You may find more accurate temperature info with the hddtemp utility, but one thing to note is that not all SSDs include temperature data as part of the SMART API queries. As a result, some SSDs may always show as being a certain temperature (usually 30ºC, 99ºC, or 100ºC) 🤔
    – matigo
    Commented Jan 5, 2022 at 1:40

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Adding to this post because I have the same problem here and I have discovered what is going on.

My SSD is also a kingston, gnome-disks shows its temperature as being 83ºC (no sense at all). But using smartclt -a I have the following interesting outputs:

194 Temperature_Celsius 0x0022 038 058 000 Old_age Always - 38 (Min/Max 16/58)

231 SSD_Life_Left 0x0000 083 083 000 Old_age Offline - 83

Now the temp makes sense, and the 83ºC figure from gnome-disks is in fact a measure of how used this SSD is - although I have no idea what this measure actually means.

Where should I open an issue to fix this problem? :-D It's probably some text parsing bug, but I don't have the skills for that.

Edit: they already know about this issue, but it is not gnome-disks' fault.


  • I don't get why it doesn't answer the question. It provides more information about an issue related to gnome-disks, which shows the wrong information about wear, which is exactly what the original answer was about. Commented Apr 19 at 22:01
  • Thanks for objecting. I was wrong, I've been misled by not recognizing a solution. But concretising the problem/bug seems to be useful here. +1
    – zx485
    Commented Apr 20 at 19:33

Even though this question is a bit old like the others, there is no clear answer on this issue, but simply you have to use Smartcon tools to check SDD temperature correctly in cases like this especially.

for GUI

sudo apt install gsmartcontrol

or in terminal

sudo smartctl -A /dev/sd(your drive letter) | grep -i temperature

This will show you either print correct temperature for your SDD/HDD

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