I want to update VS code without updating all applications. And I want to do it through terminal By the downloaded file of newest version.

can I somehow introduce the file.deb in my memory as the source of the update?

I'm using Ubuntu 20.04. Thank you All!


There are several ways.

  • Install the gdebi installer for .deb files.

    sudo apt install gdebi

    Then open the .deb file with gdebi to install it.

  • Open a terminal in the directory containing the .deb package, and install it directly with apt.

    sudo apt install ./filename.deb

Later on, to update the software database,

sudo apt update

Then, you can update the whole system with sudo apt dist-upgrade, or selectively upgrade vscode with sudo apt install code

  • OK its so good but a question : I have this app right now so if i install it -> its automatically be update ?
    – Sir-Sorg
    Dec 2 '21 at 9:39
  • 1
    According to code.visualstudio.com/docs/setup/linux, the .deb package will automatically add its repository to the system, and afterwards, you can update it through the package manager like any other software. Dec 2 '21 at 9:41

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