I am trying to change the default folder where the screenshots are saved. Currently, they are saved in /home/USERNAME/Pictures while I would like for this to be something like /home/USERNAME/OTHER_FOLDER. I have already tried

  • Tweaks (could not find the spot)
  • dconf-editor then org/gnome/gnome-screenshot/auto-save-directory
  • Which is the same as from terminal: gsettings set org.gnome.gnome-screenshot auto-save-directory '/home/USERNAME/OTHER_FOLDER'
  • Installing the Screenshot location extension (did not even create the Extensions tab as it is supposed to)

All these as shown in multiple places including this question which has multiple answers for all sorts of versions. One For 18.04 and later includes comments saying it worked up to 20.04. Unfortunately, this is not working for me in 21.10.

I would prefer not to install KDE's KSnapshot as suggested here.

It is getting a bit frustrating so any guidance is greatly appreciated.


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if using Screenshot Tool from the drop down menu in the Taskbar select Settings then the Storage tab.

The Save Location can be changed there.

enter image description here

  • Thank you... for the tip. This replaces the tool to take the screenshots, it does not, however, address the issue with the default path with the default tool. It is a workaround (and a nice one at that since it seems to have a number of additional options). It seems as though I will have to do a bit more work to get this to work as setting the key bindings to replace the default ones is giving me some grief but I am sure I will get this to work. Once/if I manage to make it work I will post it here. Nov 4, 2021 at 13:31

I found the solution and it was within the set I had put above. However, it has a little twist that was missing from the answer provided here.

It is possible to use the Screenshot location extension but instead of looking for the Extensions tab within Tweaks, just go directly to the Gnome Installed Extensions page and then click on the configuration button for the Screenshot location extension and select the folder you want and voilà.

Here is a screenshot of the configuration window: screenshot of configuration window


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