On my system things used to work well, I have a local SSH key defined and I would "ssh <remotesystem>" and gnome-keyring would pop up a dialog asking for the password to decrypt my local SSH key, and then automatically log me in. Recently, this integration has stopped working and I am looking for help troubleshooting what's broken. Running seahorse I can confirm that the ssh key appears to be loaded. From a shell and quick "ps aux" check it looks like both gnome-keyring-daemon and ssh-agent are running, and "echo $SSH_AUTH_SOCK" verifies that it is set. Yet, trying to ssh to the remote system it requests a local password entry, rather than popping up the gnome-keyring GUI to get the password for decrypting my local ssh key. What more can I do to figure out why this has stopped working?

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If I kill this process, I can get back to typing my passphrase and it works.

/usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon --daemonize --login 

I'm looking for a deeper fix.


I'm embarrassed to say it, but I'll post it for the benefit of others :-) ...

My problem was not related to gnome-keyring at all. The permissions on my ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file (on the system I was trying to log into) had changed, which caused SSH to refuse any login using that key, and hence my problem.

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