When I start Visual Studio Code in Ubuntu 21.04 I do not see the indicator on the task bar that it is actually running. Notice that you can see that Thunderbird, FireFox & terminal have open windows in the following image:

Ubuntu 21.04 taskbar

OpenOffice is not running (so it doesn't show the red dot) but Visual Studio Code (v 1.61.2 x64) is running but still doesn't show the red dot on the task bar.

Do you know why this might be?

Also, running Gnome version 3.38.5


I also noticed that clicking the icon on the taskbar starts a new instance of Visual Studio Code every time (instead of switching to the running copy).
That's really annoying. Must be a setting I've changed somewhere or something. Not sure.

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Ok this was odd. Further down my taskbar I found another VSC (Visual Studio Code) icon and it showed the windows (and red dot). I moved it up to the favorites area and deleted the other icon from favorites and all is right now.

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