I cannot type letter ‘ç’ (’+c) with English (US, alt. Intl.) keyboard, the letter ‘ć’ coming out instead. Its working fine before I upgrade the systems weeks ago. I try to change the keyboard layout but I can't find a layout with ‘ç’ by compose (’+c), my keyboard and my system are English(US).


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In the US International keyboard, you can type "ç" by hitting Alt Gr+,. Alt Gr is your right Alt key.

The Alt Gr key hides a lot of international characters: combined with c it delivers the copyright symbol: ©.

As you discovered, the dead keys, i.e. `, ~, ' and " deliver accents on letters.


with the Compose key set and with an English (UK) keyboard, pressing Compose then c then , (comma) in succession creates the cedilla character ç.

Note that the 3 key presses "latch" (i.e. you don't need to hold the keys) so there is no need for finger Olympics in order to achieve the successive key presses.


Add this to your /etc/environment


You may also need to add the cedilla module to the English language, in my case it came by default:


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