Good morning,

I have only Linux installed on my computer and I need to resize (increase) the boot partition. That means to decrease the main partition (900GB) and then increase the other one.

I have created a bootable USB, launched it, selected the "try" option and opened the Gparted. I have "deactivated the main partition (no lock icon next to it) and then clicked on the resize.

This is when the problem arrives. I cannot change the size at all. The Gparted tells me that the minimum size is 900 GB and the maximum size is also 900 GB. This also happens when I try to do the custom install, I cannot even get past the screen where I can resize partitions. I can do only standard fresh install without changing the size of partitions.

I thought that it might be because of the main partition to be encrypted. So I did the reinstallation so the main partition is not encrypted, but nothing has changed.

I am also including photos of what these screens look like. Do not get fooled by the lock icon, I took the picture after I reactivated it. Normally it is not there.

Any help would be appreciated.

I do not mind to to a new fresh installation again, but as mentioned above, even that (custom installation) did not help.

Thank you Peter

Partition selector

List of partitions

GParted screen with partition selected

  • You are using LVM, logical volumes. A logical volume fills all the space inside one partition. With LVM, you have to have an ESP - efi system partition outside of the LVM, but normally the entire rest of the drive is inside the logical volume(s). You cannot tell how full your root is unless you use LVM tools and from inside your install. Once advantage of LVM, is you can resize from within. wiki.ubuntu.com/Lvm & askubuntu.com/questions/262211/…
    – oldfred
    Oct 25, 2021 at 14:20


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