I don't know what I installed but my applications menu is full of audio related apps that I don't need and can't get rid of...

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I searched and searched but couldn't find these apps to delete them...
Can someone please help me???

thanks @vanadium for your answer... I executed your line of code and got this as feedback

/usr/share/applications/in.lsp_plug.lsp_plugins_mb_gate_ms.desktop:Name=Mid-Side Split Multiband Gate /usr/share/applications/in.lsp_plug.lsp_plugins_mb_expander_ms.desktop:Name=Mid-Side Split Multiband Expander /usr/share/applications/in.lsp_plug.lsp_plugins_sc_mb_expander_ms.desktop:Name=Mid-Side Split Multiband Sidechain Expander /usr/share/applications/in.lsp_plug.lsp_plugins_sc_mb_gate_ms.desktop:Name=Mid-Side Split Multiband Sidechain Gate /usr/share/applications/in.lsp_plug.lsp_plugins_mb_compressor_ms.desktop:Name=Mid-Side Split Multiband Compressor /usr/share/applications/in.lsp_plug.lsp_plugins_compressor_ms.desktop:Name=Mid-Side Split Stereo Compressor

So I opened the first one "in.lsp_plug.lsp_plugins_mb_gate_ms.desktop" and I get this:

[Desktop Entry] Version=1.0 Type=Application Name=Mid-Side Split Multiband Gate GenericName=Multiband Gate GenericName[ru]=Многополосный экспандер Comment=Performs multiband gating of stereo input signal in Mid-Side mode. Comment[ru]=Осуществляет многополосное гейтирование стереосигнала, центр и сторона обрабатываются индивидуально. Exec=lsp-plugins-mb-gate-ms Icon=lsp-plugins Terminal=false StartupNotify=false Keywords=audio;sound;jackd;lsp-plugins;

sudo apt purge lsp-plugins-mb-gate-ms results to: Unable to locate the package...

there all found in /usr/bin ... Is it safe just to delete them??? I'd rather purge the app that those files are associated with

  • That is exactly my point... I don't know???
    – user90939
    Oct 21 at 18:36

If these are applications in your application menu, then these entries are associated with a .desktop launcher, a plain text file formatted in a specific way to instruct the operating system on how to launch applications.

Find one with the command:

find / -name '*.desktop' -exec grep -H "Name=Mid-Side Split" {} \; 2>/dev/null

Open one of the found files with a text editor. On the line Exec=, you will see the executable associated with the menu entry. That will allow you to identify the program.

In order to find out what package installed the executable, use

dpkg -S /path/to/executable

Once identified, you can remove the package.

  • Thanks alot @vanadium ... problem solved... You made me a happy man... :)
    – user90939
    Oct 21 at 20:14

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