I am little afraid of messing up my Windows 7 dual boot mbr (I have 2 Windows 7 installed), which allow booting into either on bootup.

My first question, is whether the Ubuntu loader, is included with the 2 Windows 7 selections on the MBR, or if it the Ubuntu loader is available through some other means, with a ubuntu & windows selection, and then the windows selection taking you to the dual boot Windows 7 selections?

My second question, is selecting the actual location to install ubuntu. All of the write ups advise you select the drive (but didn't mention being able to select a partition on a drive). I would like to install it to one of my partitions on my 2nd drive, where however if only a drive is available, then I assume it will install it into Windows/Programs?

My last question, is that when uninstalled, I assume it removes the Ubuntu loader selection from whereever it is loaded from, per my first question above?


When you install Wubi, the default installation location is C:/ubuntu. You can change the partition to install wubi, but the location will always be DRIVE:/ubuntu .

I'm not sure what you mean by the first question, but after you install wubi, it adds a Ubuntu entry (which leads to GRUB) in the Windows Boot Menu without rewriting the MBR. When you remove wubi, the uninstaller will remove the ubuntu entry.

If you really messed up the MBR, I recommend downloading EasyBCD which allows you to modify the Windows Boot Menu.

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