Pan is as old as the internet almost, it is the only standalone newsreader client that runs on Linux that I can get to work, too many require a web browser. It was not maintained for a long time until now. However I had problems installing it with gmime 2.x dependencies.

configure: error: Package requirements (gmime-2.6 >= 2.6.20) were not met: 

there is (ironically not a usenet group) an email support list here


get pan source from http://pan.rebelbase.com/

you might need , but probably not https://download-fallback.gnome.org/sources/gmime/

./configure --with-gmime30 
sudo make install   

they have fixed the error with 0.146 that made a mess out of the saved parts with ERRORS

another alternative suggested is

./configure --with-gnutls
  • You should find support on the group news.software.readers
    – andrew.46
    Oct 20 at 6:16
  • ha, tried that and pan crashed, not handling previous newsgroup data well... could just be a quirk here.. still I am glad for unrar titled newsgroup posts to work properly, though many forget what a par file is for. also having problems with secure nntp server , and will work on that. there is always stunnel, another last millenium tool. I use a vpn in any case.
    – pierrely
    Oct 23 at 2:11
  • if anyone else has an issue with a download saving files with convoluted names , I sort by date, rename the first to a <name>.rar then use krusader's krename to rename to <name> and extention to r##{0}, there is a mouse hover help popup in the ext field. that explains that
    – pierrely
    Oct 23 at 2:11
  • @andrew, the last single post to that newsgroup ujs 2017 and then years before that. there is a new 0.148 version out now, just announced, that does not require the --config option.
    – pierrely
    Oct 24 at 21:29
  • No, news.software.readers is much more active than that. I have taken a screenshot of one of my own most recent posts from May this year: andrews-corner.org/tmp/nsr.png
    – andrew.46
    Oct 25 at 8:14

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