I am not able to locate Settings in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. I have been using Ubuntu for the last 1 year but it is not visible to me now. Don't know what is happening. Can someone help me with this?

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First you need to check whether you accidentally uninstalled your system settings app.

Try running:

whereis gnome-control-center

If the result is showing a path, then your settings app package is not removed and you can open it from terminal by executing:


Then the app may be accidentally removed somehow from your shell menu, which you can be fixed using a menu editor like menulibre. You may refer to this answer to know more about it: How to edit the Applications Menu in GNOME 3?

Else, if whereis didn't return a path and returned something like this:


you somehow got the package removed from your system, so do reinstall it using apt:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install gnome-control-center -y

Hope this will solve your issue.


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