Hello i have kubutnu 21.10 this happened after the update from 21.04 to 21.10

i have noticed that when i run native linux steam games they don't work, i'm suspecting that there is a problem with vulkan, but when i launch a non steam game it basically skips the processing vulkan shaders and launches the game. I remember when i launcher rocket league it used tot ake a long time to process vulkan shaders now it just doesen't do that. csgo and tf2 don't launch at all.

I hope there is a way to fix this.

Thanks in advance!

edit: portal 2 works fine with no problems


That package, vulkan-utils does not exist in any of the supported release.

You probably want vulkan-tools instead, which is in the repositories, and ...

Description-en: Miscellaneous Vulkan utilities This package provides utilities for Vulkan, including vulkaninfo.

  • thanks for the help, but i already had that package my problem sis that vulkan shaders don't work when launching a steam game or using goverlay to i thought that vulkan-utils was the problem, i will delete this question and refraze it Oct 16 at 10:02

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