After updating to 21.10 today i cant pair and connect my bluetooth headphones (Sony WH-1000XM4), bluetooth itself is working as i can connect and use a bluetooth mouse. The headphones worked flawlessly before the update. I use kde on x11 as my de. I've tried to sudo systemctl restart bluetooth to no effect. Is there a way to get them to work again?

edit: bluetoothctl actually shows that i can pair the headphones but connecting fails with an error:org.bluez.Error.Failed

  • What sound server you use: pulseaudio or pipewire (check pactl info output) Oct 15 '21 at 18:22
  • @pasmanpasmański i use pulseaudio
    – Sikora77
    Oct 15 '21 at 18:33
  • WH1000XM2 works on Ubuntu (gnome de). Maybe you should repeat pair+trust steps ? Oct 15 '21 at 19:20
  • already done that a few times, does not seem to work, in bluetoothctl everything seems fine but it just does not connect, when i try to do that i get protocol not available error
    – Sikora77
    Oct 15 '21 at 19:26
  • You may check installed packages : apt list --installed '*blue*' , compare with pastebin.com/u713BDgx Oct 15 '21 at 19:43

I had the exact same problem that you are describing, also after upgrade to 21.10. For me, the solution described here worked, except the module was already there so I had to --reinstall:

sudo apt install --reinstall pulseaudio-module-bluetooth
pactl load-module module-bluetooth-discover

Then remove and pair the device again.

  • thank you so much, worked like a charm
    – Sikora77
    Oct 15 '21 at 20:10

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