I installed Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS on VirtualBox and everything was working fine until I restarted my PC. Unfortunately now I cant seem to get back my GUI. I see alot of commands about holding Right Click + FN key. But all that does is open a new tty command prompt. I also see using Alt+ Arrow Keys but that simply pages the tty screens. Appreciate it if someone could assist me in getting back my GUI. The commands may have changed cause simply using CTRL+Alt +f7 as said in this link , does not work Switching between virtual console and GUI



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You should be able to get back to GUI with chvt comand.

$ man chvt

chvt - change foreground virtual terminal


chvt [option...] N


The command chvt N makes /dev/ttyN the foreground terminal. (The corresponding screen is created if it did not exist yet. To get rid of unused VTs, use deallocvt(1).) The key combination (Ctrl-)LeftAlt-FN (with N in the range 1-12) usually has a similar effect.

Log in on any tty command prompt and then try this.

$ sudo chvt 7

It would give you this error if you run it without sudo privileges

Couldn't get a file descriptor referring to the console.

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