I have a dual boot PC with a NVIDIA 610 graphics card, usually connected to a HDMI monitor. Testing a free-to-me VGA monitor works with both monitors, but not with the VGA only on Ubuntu 20.04. VGA works fine on Windows though.

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    We're going to need more info about the hardware. What monitor is it? Are you using a VGA port on your device or an (active) HDMI to VGA adapter to connect your monitor? Is your setup VGA on PC -> Monitor or is it more complex like HDMI on PC -> Active VGA converter -> Monitor?
    – cocomac
    Oct 11 at 2:28
  • What graphics device/s do you have, what drivers are you using? Ubuntu Settings -> About will give you basic info. And I suggest you update your question with the results of the following with the monitor connected: xrandr and also echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE
    – codlord
    Oct 11 at 5:44
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    it was a driver problem, nVidia 610 now using prop driver 390 and all is well. Thaks for the response.
    – user137024
    Oct 11 at 12:37

Generally installing the proprietary Nvidia graphics driver automatically works for most systems with Nvidia graphics cards.

sudo apt update  
sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall     
sudo reboot  

In your case you have old hardware, so start from the bottom with the oldest proprietary Nvidia graphics driver which is nvidia-driver-390 in Ubuntu 20.04. If that doesn't work, work your way up by uninstalling the old Nvidia graphics driver version with sudo apt remove '^nvidia' && sudo reboot and installing a newer Nvidia graphics driver version.

sudo apt update  
sudo apt install nvidia-driver-390    
sudo reboot  

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