I have Ubuntu Core 20 installed on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, but the commands that I am trying keep failing. Commands that I have tried: locate, apt, apt-get, dpkg, lsb_release, and more, but they all tell me that the command was not found.

I looked them up using the which command, but it just outputs nothing and throws up no error. Other commands, like date and such do work and show up on which, but these ones do not and all of the guides and fixes I find just tell me to use apt, apt-get, dpkg, or wget, but none of these work at all.

How can I get these commands to work?


Ubuntu Core is a snap-only system.

  • Ubuntu Core does not use deb packages.
  • Neither apt nor dpkg are available on Ubuntu Core.

If you want apt, then DON'T install Ubuntu Core.

  • Ubuntu Core cannot be easily hacked to add deb packages -- it's MUCH easier to simply reinstall Ubuntu Server or Ubuntu Desktop, both include debs and apt.

  • You can use apt inside LXD Containers and Virtual Machines hosted by Ubuntu Core, but on the host itself.

Install additional software using the snap command.

  • To see which Snaps include wget, try snap search wget.

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