I have a private gpg key for Ubuntu.

My question is: How can I use same encryption key for both Windows and Ubuntu?

If I use gpg in Ubuntu, can I use that same gpg key with Windows or vice versa? Or more simply: If I sign a file with gpg in Ubuntu, how can i use that file in Windows?


The answer of the question: Can I use same encryption key for both Windows and Ubuntu? is Yes. You can definitely use the same encryption key on both Windows and Ubuntu.

How part of the question requires some more info:

To use gpg key on Ubuntu

Open password and encryption keys and import your gpg private to the keystore.

then you can use this key to sign and encrypt files you want. Here is a good tutorial about using gpg on Ubuntu.

To use gpg on Windows

To use the same gpg key on Windows download a suitable tool from this site. After installation is complete you can import the gpg private key into your keystore and use that key to sign your files. The documentation is here

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