I used to use KitScenarist to arrange my story scenes but recently it doesn't open up, echoing this error when using terminal to run it:

/usr/share/KIT/Scenarist/Scenarist: symbol lookup error: /usr/share/KIT/Scenarist/Scenarist: undefined symbol: _ZN18QWidgetTextControl12processEventEP6QEventRK7QMatrixP7QWidget, version Qt_5_PRIVATE_API

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I had installed KitScenarist using the deb file available on their website which installed the app as "scenarist". I removed it using sudo apt remove scenarist and installed kitscenarist from the repositories using this code:

sudo apt install kitscanrist

it works fine, and asks me to update using their website, but I obviously avoid that, and I will keep updating it using apt updates.

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