I want to know what software should I install for making a bootable USB drive from Ubuntu Studio 20.04 (XFCE)?

I didn't find any stock software that can make it. There is a Gnome disk, but it's for Gnome.

  • Xfce is a GTK3 desktop, as is GNOME, so using gnome-disk-utility (packages.ubuntu.com/focal-updates/gnome-disk-utility) is not wrong; it just may not look as native as it's using GNOME specific appearance settings or window dressing. From the command line dd is of course available; but it's a risky tool
    – guiverc
    Sep 15 at 5:36
  • CD to folder with the ISO file and run dd: sudo dd if=ubuntustudio-20.04.3-dvd-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdx bs=1024k where ubuntustudio-20.04.3-dvd-amd64.iso is the full name of the ISO file and /dev/sdx is the USB. With dd the slightest typo can wipe your hdd. Both Archisman Panigrahi and guiverc's methods are safer but require downloads. Sep 15 at 7:17
  • You have left a couple important parts unanswered: 1) What OS are you currently running? 2) What are you going to use the USB for: installing Ubuntu Studio or as a portable OS, or for both. You can make a Live install, a Full install or a Persistent install. Each method is different. Some people even want a clone of their desktop on a USB that will run on any computer, which is also possible. Sep 15 at 7:34

You can install USB Creator with

sudo apt install usb-creator-gtk

Then open it from the Whisker Menu.

Alternatively, click here to download Balena Etcher. It is available in a click to run format (appimage).

Balena Etcher Balena Etcher

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