Im trying to use bash script to download wordpress core in a specific directory, what I did is this:


wp core download /var/www/public_html/

But Im getting this error:

Error: Failed to get url '/var/www/design-press.site/': Only HTTP(S) requests are handled..

Any ideas?


There is no need to specify the directory when using the WordPress CLI. Instead you go to the directory where the core is to be copied:

cd /var/www/public_html
sudo -u www-data wp core download

Using sudo -u www-data ensures the files are copied with the correct ownership.

From there, you can begin your WordPress installation.

  • That wouldnt work because the bash script where Im running the code is in in a different directory than the one where I want to download wordpress, therefore I need to specify the directory
    – Iosef
    Sep 14 at 13:47
  • You will want to download the .tar.gz and control the entire process, then 👍🏻
    – matigo
    Sep 14 at 13:49

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