When I install software with wine it appears to install correctly but does not add that program to the applications menu. I don't know the command to run the program from the command line so I can never run that program except through the wine installation command. How do I add that program to the menu? I am running wine from the terminal, but I believe the result is the same when starting it from the menu. Thanks, Daniel


This question have an easy way to solve. Do this things

  1. Create your own .desktop file
  2. Add that .desktop file to there where you want

Create your own `.desktop` file

Just create a new file and set its name somthing.desktop. It is important that extension is .desktop. In that write this:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=(Apps name)
Exec=(command to execute(for example wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/(And Path)))
Icon=(select an icon and write its path here)

Add that `.desktop` file to there where you want

You can try just draging method or use Main menu to add New Item main menu


You may also try to install PlayOnLinux and install your app from there. It's much easier and you can install as many wine versions.

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