Happy, of course, to give any system details required, but I'm getting some very odd display issues on UbuntuStudio 21.04.

I'm using an HP Z240 workstation with Intel 530 integrated GPU and with 16GB RAM. The main problem I'm seeing is that when I'm approaching 8GB RAM usage I get very large screen artifacts (sometimes over half the display) particularly badly in Firefox, but other applications as well such as kdenlive, which cannot be rectified without a full reboot. None of the options for screen tearing in plasma seem to make a difference. Intel conf scripts I've looked at in forums such as this have made no difference either.


  • My original question also included what I believed at the time to be a related problem with LMMS, however that problem turned out to be something completely different.
    – Dave
    Sep 4 at 13:16

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