APU Board is a router board with headless installation via Console. The state I have now is that it runs up via console I use a "cloud-init" auto install script.

This works perfectly on my virtual machine (with GUI). But with APU Board it did not boot. So I added to the txt.cfg the following:

serial 0 115200
console 0

default live
label live
  menu label ^Install
  kernel /casper/vmlinuz
  append   initrd=/casper/initrd quiet --- autoinstall ip=dhcp ds=nocloud-net;s=https://mydomain/autoinstall/

Now when it boots on APU board it enters a state where it says "boot" and I can enter the following to start the cloud-init script to load:

Could not initialize gfx
boot: live console=ttyS0,115200n8

Everything runs smoothly just as the GUI version on virtual machine. But when it comes to "executing late commands" it just stops. No buttons to press or anything.

See image here

But on the virutal one it goes though and runs all the commands I've given in the cloud-init script:

- "cp -r /target/etc/skel /target/home/setup"
- "cp /cdrom/.setup /target/root/setup"
- "cp /cdrom/.setup.sh /target/root/setup.sh"
- "chmod +x /target/root/setup*"
- "curtin in-target --target=/target -- useradd -s /bin/bash -p *redacted* setup"
- "curtin in-target --target=/target -- chown -fR setup:setup /home/setup"
- "touch /target/etc/sudoers.d/setup"
- "echo setup ALL =NOPASSWD: /root/setup.sh > /target/etc/sudoers.d/setup"
- "echo sudo /root/setup.sh >> /target/home/setup/.bashrc"
- "echo logout >> /target/home/setup/.bashrc"

Anyone know what I'm missing?

  • What version of Ubuntu?
    – David
    Aug 26 at 9:35
  • Updated title to have 20.04 in it :)
    – Aninano
    Aug 26 at 9:38

The problem was in 20.04.2 version of the server ISO.

A newly released 20.04.3 works flawlessly. That is 1 week of work I'll never get back.

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