i have a problem with multipass.

For the background only:

I take the following command from the documentation for Multipass:

$ Multipass networks --format yaml

multipass networks command

Contrary to my expectations, I get the following error message:

$ Multipass networks --format yaml
Networks Failed: Network functionality is not implemented on this back end.

I've already looked for the error, but couldn't find anything useful.

I would appreciate your feedback.

greeting Andreas Riedel

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By default multipass uses the qemu backend driver. https://multipass.run/docs/set-command

Currently only the LXD driver supports the networks command on Linux. https://multipass.run/docs/networks-command/19542

Check which backend you are using with multipass get local.driver if it doesn't return lxd you need to make sure lxd is installed and set it as the driver multipass set local.driver=lxd

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