I have a PHP script (osTicket) that has the ability for parsing piped emails.

In theory it would be very simple to execute a script and post the email source code to it.

Is there a plugin available that does that? Or is there any other possible option?


Thunderbird does not have a way to pipe in custom scripts to send out emails.

An option you should look into would be to setup a postfix service on the osTicket server to allow it to send out messages from localhost out.

In the documentation mentioned by osTicket ( http://osticket.com/wiki/Email_Piping ), they talk about how to set it up for cPanel. We will be doing the same thing but on postfix:

Step 1: Find what alias mapping you are using

sudo postconf | grep -e ^alias_maps

Example result from the command above: alias_maps = hash:/etc/aliases

Step 2: Edit file to add a new alias

(use any editor you want with root access)

sudo vim /path/to/alias/file

Example result from the command above: sudo vim /etc/aliases

Step 3: Add this line to the alias file

support@domain.com: "|/path/to/api/pipe.php"

You should change: the email address to the one you are going to us and the path to the correct path to the pipe.php file

Step 4: Save alias file and exit

For vim: :wq!

Depending on the editor, use the command/options to save the file and exit.

Step 5: Initialize alias database

sudo newaliases

This will make sure the changes you made will be used for postfix/sendmail. This will only work if you if you are editing the /etc/aliases file. Read the manual page for more information on how to initialize alias data for postfix man newaliases.

Step 6: Test if it works

echo "TEST Email" | mail -s "This is a test" support@domain.com

Once its been complete, you should be able to read the mail log to make sure it used the php script when sending it: /var/log/mail.log

You should see a line about it being sent but being delivered to a command: (delivered to command: /path/to/api/pipe.php)

Website References

Official information from osTicket about email piping


Question about postfix piping


piping.html - More detailed explanation about piping for a helpdesk service called Vision Helpdesk


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