I usually have multiple instances of Gitk open while working on projects. When I switch between Gitk windows I cannot see which Gitk instance belongs to which project, though.

GitK in application switcher

The project title is written in the header of the window once have it in foreground.

Is it possible to show the window title in the application switcher?

  • How do you manage to have these instances have separate icons on the launcher? Typically, different instances would appear under the same icon, and then you could cycle between the windows with Alt+Key_above_tab, which shows a thumbnail and the window title.
    – vanadium
    Aug 25 at 13:07

Check if using <Super>+<Tab> instead of <Alt>+<Tab> is useful for you.

If so, that can be configured in Settings -> Keyboard Shortcuts (Switch windows vs. Switch applications).

enter image description here

Besides, a couple of possibly useful links, which may even be interesting as replacement features from what you have in mind:

  1. https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/302/windowoverlay-icons/
  2. https://github.com/daniellandau/switcher
  • it's Settings->Devices->Keyboard but otherwise this should work for OP Aug 26 at 7:52
  • @RobertRiedl - That's how I see it, see EDITed answer. Aug 26 at 9:59
  • huh, seems to depend on the Ubuntu version ? anyway, your screenshot made it quite clear Aug 26 at 10:25
  • "Switch windows" actually shows the project name. Thanks. The only drawback is that it only shows the gitk windows of the current virtual desktop while "Switch applications" shows all gitk windows of all desktops. Do you know how to change this?
    – JJD
    Aug 31 at 12:03
  • @JJD - No, I don't know. I guess that would be actually defeating the (main) purpose of having virtual desktops. Aug 31 at 12:26

Since gitk is a friendly wish (Tcl/Tk) program, we can utilize wish's options to do what you want manually. There might be a way to edit /usr/bin/gitk to do exactly what you want, but I have found an alternative.


cd ./dir-with-git-repo/
wish /usr/bin/gitk -name "Manual Name"


Application Switcher now shows gitk icon instance with "Manual Name" as application name.

Alt Method:

Edit /usr/bin/gitk line 3:

exec wish "$0" -- "$@"


exec wish "$0" -name "$@" -- "$@"

Alt Result:

"$ gitk" shows -- for gitk application name "$ gitk branchname" shows branchname for gitk application name in switcher.

  • gitk <branchname> works. Thanks. But I mostly start gitk --all > /dev/null 2>&1 &. It would be useful if in this case the name of the repository is shown.
    – JJD
    Aug 31 at 11:19

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