So I was thinking about installing a Mac OSX Lion theme onto my ubuntu 12.04 computer (just for fun). I have never installed a theme before but I have watched videos and know in general how it is done but one question still remains.

After installing Mac OSX Lion theme (for example) can I easily and quickly switch back to my previous 12.04 settings? Then am I able to jump back and forth at a few clicks of the mouse?

Basicly I am just wondering after everything is set up can I switch my computer from looking like OSX to 12.04 at my leisure or do I always have you change all of my settings?



If you've already downloaded the appropriate Mac OSX theme components (wallpapers, cursors, icons, window theme), it's easy enough to switch between themes using the gnome-tweak-tool. However, it's not a one-click procedure.

Noobs Lab has a good tutorial for installing and setting up a Mac theme. The tutorial includes installing gnome-tweak-tool, and a couple other apps that assist in "Macifying" your interface.

Don't hesitate to ask follow-up questions if any of the theme-installation steps need clarification.

  • Thank you Alex i honestly have yet to install any themes (waiting for a rainy day) I will try this walk through and if i have any other questions I make sure to ask thank you. – powell4076 May 12 '12 at 17:02

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