I have touchegg setup to use touchpad gestures, and I'm also using the Gnome Workspace Matrix extension to use 2D layout of workspaces. I'm trying to use a gesture to switch between workspaces by having touchegg send keyboard shortcuts (Control, Alt, and an arrow key), but Gnome is ignoring them. Something odd I'm noticing is that when I use the gesture all the keys show up in xev, but when I physically press the key combination to change workspaces, I'll only see Control & Alt show up, but then none the arrow keys.

I was wondering if anyone knows if there's some other key I should be having touchegg send instead of the regular arrow keys, or if there's something causing Gnome to specifically ignore the keystrokes coming from touchegg?

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The below configuration worked for me:

<gesture type="SWIPE" fingers="4" direction="RIGHT">
    <action type="SEND_KEYS">

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