How would I install a .zip file from terminal? I'm trying to install an app from a .zip file and when I try change directory (filename) nothing comes up. I know i'm doing something wrong but this is all confusing to me because i'm new.(The file i'm trying to install is called QuestPatcher-ubuntu.zip in https://github.com/Lauriethefish/QuestPatcher/releases/tag/2.2.4 )


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You have to download the zip-file, extract it and put to some directory in $PATH variable:

cd ~/Downloads
wget -c https://github.com/Lauriethefish/QuestPatcher/releases/download/2.2.4/QuestPatcher-ubuntu.zip
unzip QuestPatcher-ubuntu.zip
chmod +x QuestPatcher 
sudo mv QuestPatcher /usr/local/bin/QuestPatcher

then call it from terminal using QuestPatcher.

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