I had to re-download the Brackets text editor amongst a few other apps but when I open it up the text in the menu, buttons in the app text in the app itself are really small, I think there's a command line way of doing it.

Here is a screenshot.enter image description here


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In Brackets use Ctrl+ to increase text size and Ctrl- to decrease it.

The current font size will be stored in Preferences and will persist between launches of the program.

The same will apply to apps such Firefox.

Additional reference

  • I did that already it increases the font size but the buttons on the side panels remain miniscule.
    – jibjab3344
    Aug 2, 2021 at 19:53

On my end I use 200% in the Display preferences (see screenshot below). That way everything is bigger.

The other day, though, it stopped working for Qt applications... until I rebooted. Whenever the OpenGL drivers of NVidia get updated, the currently installed version is locked in place and new windows can't get a valid surface. After rebooting, everything worked like a charm again.

enter image description here

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