I have ubuntu 20.04 LTS dual booted with windows 10 on my laptop (lenovo ideapad L340 integrated graphics).

When I try to boot into my ubuntu machine, which I was using as the main one, it just flickers between some console jargon and ubuntu logo I cannot understand what the error message is because its just flickering as shown here

I can get into it from the recovery mode from grub menu But then again many things are broken in that recovery mode like for example no brightness control etc

One thing I noticed while on grub menu was that there was a new kernel 5.6

And I am helpless because I cannot reinstall OS because I forgot my UEFI password and cannot enter or edit the boot menu I am very anxious with removing the CMOS battery so I didn't do it.

Any other way to help with either of these issues would be greatly appreciated.

For now I am stuck with win 10 which I really despise to use only and is only for some printers and other windows only stuff.

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    Removing the battery doesn't work for UEFI systems, for starters. Regarding your specific problem try booting with an older kernel. Jul 29 at 13:42

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