Does anyone know how to edit fcitx-table-cangjie5's pinyin input option?

Where are its configuration files located?

Also, it might be useful to know where all of fcitx-pinyin 's files are located for comparison?

I'm quite familiar with everything under ~/.config/fcitx and /usr/share/fcitx , so there must be some other locations I'm missing.

I've tried in vain to find these files.

So I'm hoping someone else knows.


Explanation of the issue:

For those unfamiliar, this tool allows you to input using pinyin if you first type the ` character.

Present output for input `hanyu is:

1. 汉语
2. 韩语
3. 寒雨
4. 汗emi
5. 喊rihr

It defaults to simplified characters and you have to scroll through to locate the individual traditional characters.

Using the 漢/汉 toggle does not work with this pinyin tool.

However, using the main fcitx-table-cangjie5 input, the 漢/汉 toggle does work for converting traditional to simplified.

For instance:

If I type [汉 ee], the toggle will not convert it to 漢.

But if I type [漢 etlo], the toggle will convert it to 汉.

It would be nice to edit the tool so that it defaults to traditional characters and the simplified toggle works. (like it does with fcitx-chewing and fcitx-pinyin to switch back and forth)

Alternatively, if that is not possible, it might be useful to display both, with traditional first.

For instance, the output above would look like:

1. 漢語
2. 汉语
3. 韓語
4. 韩语
5. 寒雨
6. 汗emi
7. 喊rihr

I'm also interested in potentially editing the tool to allow zhuyin lookup using rime IME's data, but I need to find the pinyin tool's files first.

Original post: How to edit fcitx-table-cangjie5 's pinyin input tool?


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