When running

grep 'string' *

I'm getting the following messages:

grep: some-directory: Is a directory
grep: other-directory: Is a directory

How to suppress those messages?


-s, --no-messages: Suppress error messages about nonexistent or unreadable files.

grep -s 'string' *
  • 1
    Also, redirecting error messages to /dev/null. I.e. grep 'string' * 2> /dev/null
    – CPH
    Jul 23 at 15:13
  • grep -d skip 'string' *
    – bac0n
    Jul 24 at 5:21

There are at least two ways to suppress error messages ("Is a directory"):

  1. grep -s 'string' *

  2. grep 'string' * 2> /dev/null

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