My VM was running out of space (I use Virtualbox) thats why I decided to inrease the storage size


So I resized it using this screen but after that I couldn't fully boot up my VM again. What could've caused this? I cant even undo this change and there is no way I can boot the machine.


After the ubuntu text at the bottom all I see is this black screen. Any help?

This is my VM details vm

EDIT: Now I did some stuff and it asks my security password on a black screen and after that I get this messgae:


after pressing control alt f1 in that screen I get this: screen

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According to this answer https://askubuntu.com/a/1286736/1450095 ,

The drive was expanded without expanding the filesystem as well.

Expand your partitions to boot:

Follow Below steps

1. Boot Ubuntu with Live CD
2. Open Disks App
3. Click on Paritions shows up on the screen
4. Options -> resize option -> fill max available size
5. Options -> Repair File System

Now reboot your Live CD to get into existing installed Image and
now you should see Ubuntu Login Screen


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