I am using Ubuntu 20.04, a fresh install.

I installed all of the latest updates, and now when the computer is starting up, it shows a black screen with the mouse visible, but is entirely unresponsive. The only thing that could have affected it was that I installed the linuxwacom driver (that maps buttons to Xinput events) and then shut down. Starting back up, it does exactly what I described above.

Please help!


EDIT 1: I can access the motherboard's BIOS. (By holding the power button for 4 seconds) enter image description here

  • I will check. I doubt it is a hardware problem, as I didnt touch the computer and it worked perfectly until about 15 minutes ago
    – RMCodes
    Jul 20 at 22:39
  • Also, to be clear, I see the system splash first and then it goes to a black screen. I am fairly sure its software thats broken.
    – RMCodes
    Jul 20 at 22:46
  • Ok that is an important distinction so thanks for clarifying. Were you able to access a root shell prompt from GRUB?
    – Nmath
    Jul 20 at 23:22
  • No, grub didn't open (press and hold shift, press and hold escape, each of the fX keys, nothing worked)
    – RMCodes
    Jul 21 at 4:43
  • To diagnose this further, I suggest that you create USB installation media and run a live session (Try Ubuntu) and see if that loads and if you can access the file system
    – Nmath
    Jul 21 at 5:36

If anyone else has this problem, here is what I did: Create an installation media with Ubuntu. Live boot into that media, and connect to the internet. Enter your file system, and upload your files to the cloud (Google Drive, DropBox, etc). Run the install, and follow the instructions.

NOTE: This will erase your operating system and reinstall it! Proceed only if you know what you are doing. You, and only you, can take responsibility for losing files. I am posting this to assist, but I am not a computer expert, just a dude who knows his way around Linux. I will not take responsibility for loss of your files. If you don't think you are savvy enough to follow the above steps without breaking something, find someone who is.

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