Today I found a lot of log files empty, these were:


First, it made me wonder if I had been hacked and someone had been deleting their traces. But looking around the web for clues and searching for suspicious activity, I didn't find any.

I decided to try and restart rsyslog. And what do you think? The logs are coming in again, actually showing me someone is trying to brute-force SSH users. So I turned off password login for sshd.

So, my question is: Does rsyslog sometimes hang, and stop logging?

Could this be a logrotate issue? The syslog.1 files and similar have log data.

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That's due to what logrotate does. It's kinda like a log files janitor, moves them, compresses and caches. You can also consider changing SSH server's port, I run mine on 44 instead of 22 and that keeps people from doing stupid scans :)

  • Thank you, the issue is that the log moving must have hung up, since I ended with empty log files.
    – ringe
    May 10, 2012 at 18:51

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