I created a free postgres database on Heroku, when connecting it to my pgAdmin4 the connection is done normally, however, thousands of databases appear along with mine. All the databases that appear I don't have access, only 1 that I have access (mine). see the image: enter image description here

See that many databases appear out of nowhere, but what I need is just this one, mine:

enter image description here


1. Is there any way to show just the database I have access to?

  • If those databases do not belong to you (or the Heroku account holder), then I would file a bug with Heroku as this would be an excellent way to reduce the amount of effort required to gain access to a database I don't have any business knowing about ... 🤔
    – matigo
    Jul 5, 2021 at 2:19

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You probably cannot set pgAdmin4 to see only databases which you have access to, but there is a workaround - you can set it to see only selected databases.

Right button on your server, select Properties, tab Advanced, and add the names of the databases you want to see in the DB restriction field. If the field contains data, the other databases disappear from the list.

Warning: once the connection is saved, the field becomes read-only :(

enter image description here

See also https://medium.com/@vapurrmaid/getting-started-with-heroku-postgres-and-pgadmin-run-on-part-2-90d9499ed8fb

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