I decided to shift to Ubuntu from Debian after getting my new laptop because of Nvidia driver issues in Debian(now I understand Linus Torvald's frustration ).

lspci | grep Network gave the following result: Mediatek Corp. Device 7961

I can't seem to find the drivers anywhere. I'm runnung Ubuntu 21.04

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I have the same laptop, and I am running Ubuntu 21.04 as well.

The solution for the wireless is upgrading the kernel to an stable version higher than 5.12+. I am running:

Asus-ROG:~$ uname -r

After I upgraded the kernel started working for me.

NOTE: wifi is working fine, with good speed tests, nothing to report, issue I still have is the Bluetooth connection.

Good luck

  • Works like a charm, tested with Linux Mint 20.3
    – birgersp
    Apr 28 at 9:19

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