I had installed NVIDIA Drivers 465.27 on my Ubuntu 20.04 using software updater. That time, I could not sign the kernel modules via installer as mentioned here, rather I disabled the secure boot option from BIOS and everything worked fine. Drivers are working fine, GPU is detected.

As disabling secure boot might not be a security best practice, I wanted to enable it again but my screen goes blank after booting up. I tried manually signing NVIDIA kernel module in DKMS with the method mentioned in this Ubuntu blog

I can see that my nvidia modules at /lib/modules/5.8.0-59-generic/updates/dkms/ are signed as I can see the message Module signature appended~. at the end of hex dump. But still if I enable Secure Boot option, the screen goes blank after booting. How can I re-enable secure boot in my Ubuntu 20.04? Thank you in advance!

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