I'm using Ubuntu in my personal computer.

It's annoying that I can't create folders, rename, delete etc. in GUI.

I don't want to write commands to create a simple folder or delete one.

Can someone please help me to do this. Thanks in advance

P.S. - please don't ask why do I wanna do that, or don't say, not to do that. I don't have any sensitive data on this computer. So I don't care if GUI user have root permissions.

And I want to use Ubuntu like this in day to day life. like in Windows PC. like a normal person.


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I presume you are using gnome. You will obtain the permission to create, delete the folder in GUI by using the command

sudo nautilus
  • I am looking for a long term way to use this. not just for a single time. I want to edit, delete file like in Windows. like a normal person.
    – user271865
    Jun 26, 2021 at 14:32

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