There should be more staff in the dropdown menu. Sometimes a restart will solve the problem. I upgraded Ubuntu to 12.04.

missing "connect to VPN etc."

and after a restart the indicator thinks I do not have Internet connection.


This apparently seems to be a bug. Found the bug report in launchpad:


Now i didn't really found a solution but it's more like a workaround. It is easy to pop up a terminal and kill the nm-applet process and then restart it again. I dit it like this.

  1. Look up the process: ps -A | grep nm-applet

3084 pts/0 00:00:00 nm-applet

  1. Then kill the process: kill 3084

  2. And then restart the applet: nohup nm-applet &

And this restarts your network applet and you will see the drop down menu. Like a said it is not really a solution. So if you have found another way please let me know.

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